Let's Create Magical Memories With Us




Days 1 - pick up service from Banyuwangi

·         Pick up service from Train Station, Bus Station, ferry port or nearby Banyuwangi down town
·         Goes to Pepito Guest House,stay overnight in BANYUWANGI
·         Rest Time – free program
·         Notice : Dinner not included

Days 2     Kawah Ijen blue flame tour + Lake + miners

·         extra bonus : Jagir Waterfall and coffee Plantation

·         start at 1.a.m for blue flame tour 
·         drive to Paltuding post
·         02.00 a.m arrival on Paltuding post
·         02.30.a.m start hike to summit 2386m -
·         03.20 a.m arrive on the top
·         going down to crater
·         see blue flame
·         see kawah Ijen blue flameTour
·         see kawah ijen miner tour
·         see sunrise ( depend on the weather )
·         see a lake
·         see landscape
·         see panorama
·         back to car park at 8a.m
·         visit coffee plantation
·         visit waterfall jagir

·         back for breakfast
·           2 hours drive to jajag villages / the first  spot access
·         then continuing to pesangaran villages
·         stop some where to visit rubber plantation
·         then explore palm sugar process in traditional factory
·         after that drive to rajewesi beach, fisherman villages
·         buy some tuna fish for dinner
·         then jeep cross to jungle forest
·         visit on view spot to see freedom bay
·         continue drive
·         arrival on sukamade villages around 1.p.m
·         . then adventure with jeep, cause jeep will Cross Some rivers
·         access make so challengers our trip
·         3.p.m arrival on guest house of sukamade
·         . rest time - take a bath
·         4.p.m Go to conversation baby turtle
·         . then go to sukamade beach to see sunset time
·         . 5.30 back to guest house
·          rest time until 7.p.m
·          7.p.m dinner time
·          8.p.m together with rangers of sukamade
·         . starting go to beach to wait the green turtle lay egs with nature process
·         . photo time with turtle
·          (  we can not control turtle come or not,must be lucky :) )
·          back to guest house
·          rest time

Days 3 sukamade – ketapang harbour + ferry to bali
·         wake up at time to relies baby turtle
·         then back to home stay
·         7.a.m breakfast
·         7.30 back to Rajawesi beach
·         sometime stop to take picture
·         swimimming on rajewesi beach
·         take lunch with traditional food( no burger and pizza)

·         drop  off bali by ferry



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