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Baluran national park Tour

Baluran national park Tour (jungle tracking) 
 3 days 2 night
and Ijen Tour

Days 1  pick up at
·         Pick  on Ketapang harbor
·         Check in at hotel Banyuwangi
·         Free program
·         relax
Days 2 Ijen Blue Flames Tours
·         pick up at 1 am for blue fire tour
·         prepare jacket and long pant
·         1 hours drive to parking area
·         Start climb at 2a.m
·         Climb 3 km
·         Going down to crater, see blue flames
·         See miners work by night
·         After see blue flames
·         Going up to see sunrise
·         After see sunrise
·         See landscape
·         See panorama
·         Get back to jeep
·         Back to hotel
·         Breakfast, buffet
·         Shower
·         Relax
·         Free program
·         Or we can also+ add sight seeing city Banyuwangi, visit traditional market ( additional cost )
·         Go for dinner,
·         Free program

Days 3 Baluran safari National Park
·         Go early morning after breakfast 7a.m
·         Check out
·         Go to  Baluran National National Park
·         Go to bekol view point tower
·         We can do jungle trekking
·         Watch animal, bull, dear, monkey,and lot of type bird etc
·         After see animal
·         We go to bama beach
·         Lunch time
·         There is best place for snorkel
·         Visit mangrove plantation
·         Drop off to ferry to bali
·         End tours

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