Blue flames tour

We will provide gas mask to see great blue flames view ever of Ijen Crater;

Green Lake

We present you sunrise of Ijen Crater


Greatest Sunrise of Bromo

Ijen Crater

The Panorama acid lake of Mount. Ijen


W'e show you statue of Borobudur Temple








Semeru Tours

Ranu Semeru Trekking Tour Package 3 days 2 nights KumboloSemeru Trekking Tour Package 3D2N Ranu Kumbolo
Trekking Tour Package Semeru Semeru Trekking Tour KumboloPaket Ranu Ranu Kumbolo , a climbing pack / climbing Mount Semeru to Ranu and Kumbolo . Mount Semeru ( Mahameru ) or also known as Mahameru is still an active volcano and is the highest in Java . Location of Mount Semeru in East Java , about 3 hours drive from Surabaya . Height of the peak of Mount Semeru is , 3,676 meters above sea level ( masl ) . According legendnya crater that was at the peak of Mount Semeru known as Jonggring Saloko .
Ranu Semeru Trekking Tour Package 3 days 2 nights Kumbolo , start trekking from Malang ( Overlapping ) , or via Probolinggo ( Fir mace ) . To climb Mount Semeru Bromo Tour standartnya course it only took 3 days 2 nights . Kalimati 1 night overnight at base camp and 1 night stay at Ranu Kumbolo which is a natural lake on Mount Semeru
Following a review of the Semeru Trekking Tour Packages Ranu Kumbolo 3 days 2 nights .
Day 1 : Malang - Ranu Pane - Ranu Kumbolo - KalimatiMalang try pickup in the morning at 06 . Then continues to the Overlapping , from village to Ranupane using Overlap Jeep / hardtop take approximately 2 hours . Upon arriving at Ranupane preparation for trekking , check supplies and take care of climbing permits . After all the preparations complete , then trekking to Ranu Kumbolo to approximately 5 hours , breaks and lunch here . After the break energy is fit again and continue trekking toward Kalimati approximately 4 hours via Rise Love and Cemoro Cage . Upon arriving in Kalimati set up a tent . Overnight here .
Day 2 : Kalimati - Arcopodo - Puncak SemeruWoke up at 12 am and preparation for the climb to the summit . Around 1 pm start climbing i go to Arcopodho approximately 1 hour , and continue to the summit Mahameru ( 3,676 masl ) accompanied by our professional guide . Upon arriving at the summit to enjoy the beauty and menexplorasi peak Semeru / Mahameru . Satisfied at the Peak Kalimati fell back to less than 2 hours . Rest and eat breakfast , then continue trekking to Ranu Kumbolo about 2-3 hours , to camping back in Ranu Kumbolo . And it's free .
Day 3 : Ranu Kumbolo - Ranu Pani - Malang / SurabayaEnjoy the beauty of the morning sunrise at Ranu Kumbolo . After breakfast the next preparation back to Ranu Pane village approximately 4 hours drive . Upon arriving at Ranu Pane breaks and lunch . The return trip back to Malaysia, or delivered directly to the Surabaya.Program Semeru Trekking Tour Packages Ranu Kumbolo ends .
Facilities of Semeru Trekking Tour Packages Ranu Kumbolo : by Request
For detailed information about Semeru Trekking Tour Package 3 days 2 nights please contact us .
Mandatory prepared to take Semeru Trekking Tour Package Ranu Kumbolo :Photo copy of ID ( Identity Card )A health certificate from your doctorPersonalized medicineWarm clothes and JacketsTrekking shoes .

Krakatoa Volcano

Krakatoa Volcano

Mt.Rinjani Trekking

Hi there, let us climb to the volcano trekking adventure trip mount Rinjani in Lombok island Indonesia and climb the mountain Rinjani and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. Take your time on the adventure of your life, you will feel the fresh face is shining when the sport and recreation in the mountain Rinjani, my name is Bohari, come with me to the summit of Mount Rinjani 3726 Meters. You can enjoy the benefits of exercise, outdoor activities and challenges with climb, your mountain helping yourself to better physical and mental well being and also help others to deal with and overcome difficult times they are facing in their lives, one goal of climbing to Mount Rinjani

Our hobby early adventures in the wild so adventurous climb to Mount Rinjani, and can imagine, many years of experience in studying nature, we start a business tour and trekking, hiking, climbing, outdoor adventure sports and ecotourism with Rinjani mountain wilderness style backpacking to climbing to the mountain Rinjani. We provide corporate travel services both to backpackers and friends who want to study in Nature backpacking into the wild to roam on Mount Rinjani National Park, the island is also an exotic expedition to do with us. To join in the trip, we hope there is a value-added activities do not forget the adventure in the outdoors, do not linger to 
Search the natural beauty and enjoy the challenge, discover the unique thrill and adventure tourism experiences that you have not felt at the "Mount Rinjani National Park". The more you understand the higher the level of awareness and your insight to care about the preservation of culture and nature Indonesia. Always sustainable to earth my friend for culture and for Indonesia's natural
Nature and the mountain does not require conquerors, except the supreme conqueror, namely God. Nature and the mountain takes its admirers and lovers. None of the mountaineers in the world who managed to become the conqueror of the mountain peaks. That there is a peak achievement and nature lovers are earthy and sincere. Climbing mountains is a healthy hobby and a great sport.